Imagine That is a tale about the affect of an alluring woman on an unassuming man. The visual captures the feline energy that is known to be sensual, persistent and elusive. Directed and Shot by Racheal. Co-directed by Areeayl Goodwin. - August 23, 2018.

So Alive was written in a time of despair. Battling with depression and anxiety we often feel dead inside. In the process of active healing, this song speaks to the times when the depressed can feel held while in prayer or meditation. The constant feelings of aloneness subside when sitting and calling upon the divine, "I never felt so alive when I'm with you". - June 22, 2018

I DO NOT own the copyright to this badass J Dilla beat but the lyrics and melody belong to Talibah Safiya.

Middle Of The Night is a tale of the sobering thoughts a love lost. The visuals tell the story of the complications of Love and Entanglements of Romances Overlapping. See and Feel it as it relates to your experience. - October 31, 2017

Talibah Safiya live at WREG News 6 as part of The Pure Memphis Music Series. Performing 'Middle of the Night' - March 8, 2018